I really loved the thoughts on podcast criticism from Rebecca and agree with all of it. I’ll fully admit that I avoid negative criticism and instead lean into positive recommendations, but personally I’m also not really trying to be a critic. But I definitely want to read more “this show sucked and here’s why” type writing, but the “smallness” of the industry is a very real thing that is intimidating for sure.

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I didn’t get into First Person. TAL ran a lot of ads for it, including one I recall where Ira Glass essentially said, if I recall correctly, the ads and soundbites for this show are not good or representative of what the show is and please give it a listen in its entirety. I think i had listened to an abortion episode, but something didn’t click. Still it stinks when you like a show and it gets canceled. Sorry.

I will say I was surprised today to hear the ads on the daily for the new NYT Opinion podcast because aren’t there a ton of those already? It felt reminiscent of Left, Right and Center. Does that public radio show still exist? I feel like they have so many opinion people, newsletters, and now the podcast but it’s not well organized.

Lastly I am glad The Run Up is back. I’m an Astead fan.

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