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I am a bit late, I just saw that they have arrested a man in connection with the Delphi murders and tried to go listen to my fave podcast "The Murder Squad". I hadn't listened ti for some months, as I like to binge episodes, and so i wait a while and then jump back in. I was stunned that i couldnt find it, or their insta.

Luckily I came across your article, and I have to say that I am not shocked by this. Jensen's over familiarity with his female co-hosts often made me uneasy. He always flirted with the girls on The First Degree to such a point I myself felt uncomfortable listening, as he was supposed to be a "married" man. He flirted openly, and often to excess, to the point I would often google if he was in fact still married. He posts about his kids, mostly his daughter, and never speaks an ounce about his incredible wife who does so much for Parkinson's Disease. It made my skin crawl, and thanked god that I was with a partner who never spoke to other women in that way. But I had to put that to the side and think when I would try to listen to the banter on The First Degree..."Ok, maybe he is just protective of his wife? Maybe they are separated? These co-hosts seem to know something I don't. Maybe it is ok?"...but it didn't stop me second guessing what was going on with him and that the flirting was too much.

That all being said, I am still appalled. Shocked even, that both his podcasts continued (and in the case of The First Degree still continues to this day) up until the truth "came out". Why was he allowed to go on? Jensen's arrogance was often unpalatable, but I respected Holes. I respected their advocacy for the victims... and when True Crime podcasts reliability is already so thin and lacks any credible hosts, this is definitely a kick in the guts.

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