The Squeeze is an “inside baseball” newsletter read by over 5,000 podcasters and audio professionals. It features a mix of reporting, interviews, tweets, gossip, and other stuff that I think is worthy of my readers’ time.

The Squeeze is written by me, Skye Pillsbury, the original writer of the Inside Podcasting newsletter, creator/producer/host of the award-nominated show Inside Podcasting, and former Hot Pod contributing writer.

At Hot Pod, I wrote long-form, reported stories on systemic issues such as the widespread undervaluing of audio producers, and the ongoing legacy of unpaid audio internships as well as industry trends like the podcast-to-Hollywood pipeline and the emergence of “podcast consultants.”

While at Inside Podcasting, I chronicled the daily drumbeat of audio news, while also investigating issues close to my heart such as the oft-shady voting processes behind industry awards, podcast plagiarism, and IP ownership disputes.

As the creator and host of Inside Podcasting, I took deep dives into the craft of audio with producers and creators including Adizah Eghan and Annie Brown (1619 Project), Shima Oliaee (Dolly Parton’s America), Kara Swisher (Recode Decode), Martine Powers (Post Reports), and Earlonne Woods and Nigel Poor (Ear Hustle).

Finally, as part of my freelance work, I profiled Seth Rogen’s producer for, interviewed Heavyweight host Jonathan Goldstein for Bello Collective, and introduced Eater’s readers to three chefs who turned to podcasting during the pandemic.

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